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We aim to provide a loving, caring, safe and home-like environment that is welcoming, warm and inclusive of all cultures, nationalities, abilities and family situations. An environment where children, parents, families and educators feel safe, secure, respected, supported and comfortable. Where partnerships and friendships can be formed and maintained, lines of communication are always open and valued, commitment to providing high quality care and education and one that will continue to reflect upon its practices and beliefs to reflect the current needs of the centre.

In relation to children we aim to implement an educational program and environment that reflects both individual and group needs and one that promotes each child’s; interests, culture, learning, development and individuality through PLAY. Where children are successful, capable and confident learners. A place where children are comfortable and confident to engage in learning relationships with their educators and peers. We will endeavour to help them understand they have the right to belong and contribute to the community and they are part of the greater world – and in so have shared responsibility for the natural and built environments. Children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment.

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